“The Not Too Stuffy Law Show” is an innovative and entertaining way to learn about the law and how it influences our lives.  The program blends interviews with experts and discussions on case law, sprinkled with humor and comic bits.  Justin St.James is your host.

Episode I – A discussion on Animal Law followed by the NFL case of “Hackbart v. Cincinnati Bengals.”

Episode II – The first of a two-part discussion on cyber-space.   What the internet is, and how one may protect one’s privacy while surfing the Web.

Episode III – Continuing from Episode II, a discussion on the internet and precautions one may take to protect one’s privacy while surfing the Web.

Episode IV – A program on school admissions. The interview was conducted at the University of New Hampshire School of Law.

Episode V –   A demonstration of 4 cases in Tort Law in the show’s first segment; including “slip and fall” and “negligence” issues.  The second half of the show, taped at Boston College Law School,  is a second discussion on school admissions.

Episode VI – We look at a plastic surgery case, “Sullivan vs. O’Conner” in the first segment. In the show’s second half we discuss Privacy issues with Police Officer Chuck Edgerly of the Andover Police Department.  The  discussion on Privacy will continue in Episode 7.

Episode VII – A discussion on Circumstantial Evidence, followed by the second half of the interview on Privacy Issues – continued from Episode 6.

Episode VIII – An interview with former Justice of the Maine Supreme Judicial Court Louis Scolnik.

Episode IX – In the first segment we analyze the laws that Goldie Locks breaks in “Goldie Locks and the 3 Bears.” A discussion on hypnosis follows.

Episode X – A discussion on Wills and Trusts
In the first part we talk with our client to update her Will. In the second part we interview Attorney Tara Wilson of the Wilson Law Firm on Trusts:  what a Trust is, and how you may benefit by having a Trust of your own.

Episode XI – An interview with President Abraham Lincoln.  Then, the first part of a 2-part discussion on the 2nd Amendment.  (Continues on Episode XII)

Episode XII – The Second Amendment – Part 2 of 2.

Episode XIII – Divorce